transition-[tran-zish-uhn] according to…

movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change: the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

These can be exciting times…or terrifying times.  Over twenty years ago, my sweet hubby and I graduated from college, got married, moved 2000 miles from home and began our teaching careers all within a six week period.  There were moments of such excitement for the new adventures we were facing…and then moments of sadness and fear as we had left behind family, friends and familiarity to begin this new phase of life.  Transitions occur all the time, as we move from one thing to the next…some we may control and many we may not.  Our daughter has made the transition to college life this week and we have made the transition to “empty nest,” as we are frequently reminded by others.  As mentioned in my bittersweet post last week, dear friends of mine have begun transitioning due to significant health changes.  I have heard prayer requests this week as mamas leave babies in daycare…or their kiddos enter kindergarten…or their teens begin high school for the first time.  I have heard of job loss and divorce…of new beginnings with an adopted child.  Transitions are inevitable.  So the real issue becomes our attitude.

How will we face each new passage?  With an open mind…with a positive outlook…with honesty and humility…with a faith that God will be traveling along?  That is my hope!  Let me be real…there were moments when I faced a change with the desire to crawl back under my covers and wait for it to pass!  I did not care if it took weeks…months…I was willing to burrow in and wait til it all blew over and life would return to normal.  Fortunately, I have people in my life that have helped pull back the blankies and made me face reality…some may have crawled under the covers with me for a while until I was ready to make the move out…but I could not have done it alone.  Other times, I simply needed to let the change simmer for awhile before I could embrace it.  And some I still struggle with.

But for the most part, I try to face my transitions with courage and confidence that come from knowing that I am never alone.  God has a plan if I would only trust…He often provides humans to come alongside too, if we let them!  The butterflies that flit around in my tummy may still be there when I am faced with a change, but I know that I will survive.  I can look back at events from my past and know that I made it through…so as my sweet girlie begins her new life, independently making choices, she will survive…she will thrive!  And her daddy and I too will make the transition!  In fact, we actually enjoyed our first week….eating dinner when we wanted, running errands together, enjoying updates via phone calls/texts…life is good.

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