“We are looking for thirty bloggers to review Shauna Niequist’s upcoming book Bittersweet!” jumped out at me from the Zondervan Blog….with a promise to send a free copy of the book and the opportunity to read and review!

So when I went to the front door today…a sweet little package containing my own personal copy of the book was awaiting!  How fortunate!  I am one of the chosen 30 to get a sneak peek at Shauna’s newest collection of quirky wisdom.

The timing could not be more perfect.  It has been an unusually crappy week with heavy, heavy burdens.  The looming departure of our only child to the wild world of college is approaching at rapid speed…as we are now down to mere hours. The excitement certainly overshadows the sadness…but it is certainly a time of transition following 18 years of daily 24/7 motherhood.  However…her impending move to independence is so minor in the big scope of life, as two incredibly difficult encounters snuck into the world of those I love…

A family friend’s 17 year old (who spent some time playing with my 18 year old when they were just littles) was tragically injured in an auto accident this week when he and two friends were struck by a drunk driver.  The week has been filled with CaringBridge updates as he came out of his coma and endured an 8 hour operation by a plastic surgery team that claimed his injuries to be “the worst facial trauma they’ve ever seen.”   His mother has been nothing but positive in her posts, thanking God and others for the fact that her young son is still alive…

My second great tragedy this week was the news of breast cancer in a very, very dear friend, faced with sending her babe off to college in a very short time as well.  The news is like nothing anyone can prepare for….it has felt like a huge punch to the gut….filled with questions and unknowns and a whole lot of wonderings.  She is surrounded by an incredible family and an army of friends ready to move alongside her to fight this battle.  When others share stories of success and remission, I struggle to listen and care….because at this moment my heart is hurting for the one I love…the one I know that is wrapping her mind around the “c word”…the one that I would love to protect…

Shauna writes “Bittersweet is the idea that in all things there is both something broken and something beautiful, that there is a moment of lightness on even the darkest of nights, a shadow of hope in every heartbreak, and that rejoicing is no less rich even when it contains a splinter of sadness.”  I feel as though I am sitting in the bitter sad place right now, longing for a little sweetness to melt into my days.  I am hopeful that this book and a whole lotta divine intervention with bring some of that into my heart….and the hearts of my friends in pain…


2 thoughts on “bittersweet

  1. Oh Sara…your blog post touched me deeply. Sounds like so much has happened in such a very short amount of time for you. I am in awe that you are posting this about this book. I am halfway through it right now and just told my dearest friend, your sis, last night, that it’s a MUST read! (: I love it. I love her writing style and the content speaks to me in soooo many ways. Incredible. I’d love to chat about the book. (: Love, Amy

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