thoughts on eat pray love

I had read the book a few years ago with my book club and found it interesting, so would have been wanting to check out the flick in the first place….but they put Julia in the starring role…so OF COURSE I had to see it!  You see Julia is on “my list” of dinner guests….if I could invite some gals over for dinner…Julia tops my list.  I really think we could be great friends….she makes me laugh….she seems so real…yea I think we could be friends.  I would like to include Sandra Bullock and Lauren Graham to the party as well…I have even imagined my menu….I have pictured the evening….I have had conversations in my mind.  That is another moment…in another life.

So back to the movie.  Elizabeth Gilbert went on a journey.  Everyone who sees this picture may interpret a different message.  Here is my “take away…”

Life is really all about relationships.  Love God and Love Others. That is the ticket.  So in Italy…it was all about the food…and you know I love food!  But really it was about the people she shared the meals with!  The conversations and shared experiences are the things that really mattered.  She went to India to find peace, yet the encounters she had with the others at the Ashram are the ones that touched her heart so deeply.  The young bride and the damaged Texan shared life with her and exposed her fears.  And finally the adventure to Bali.  The love relationship may be the focus, but the relationships with the others on the island played a key role in her self discovery.

So thanks to Ms. Gilbert for reminding me to continue loving God and loving others!  I hope that I can indulge in some fabulous food and visit some amazing places along the way as well.

3 thoughts on “thoughts on eat pray love

  1. I’m struggling with Julia in that role, I’m sorry Sara. I haven’t seen it yet but I loved that book so very much that I really just wanted an unknown. I didn’t want Ms. Roberts (as much as I love her, and I DO!) to smear her “Julia-ness” all over that role. I think I may wait for that one to come out on DVD.

    But yes, quite right, good advice, Love God, Love Others.

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