lesson for the day

On my way to work this morning, I drove just a block from home and noticed a bike alongside of the road.  And next to the bike, a person was lying flat on his/her back…I couldn’t really see the person very clearly.  As I drove by, I considered that the person may not be okay…or could simply be resting.  I considered stopping.  I really considered stopping.  And then I drove on, thinking the person was probably just resting….

A few hours later, I was getting prepared to present a training session to fellow colleagues at a conference.  As one of the attendees arrives, (a colleague and friend of mine) she began to share the tale of her bike accident this morning.  She had made a sharp turn and crashed, escaping with just a few scrapes.  However as she began to walk her bike home, she began to feel light headed and needed to lie flat on her back in the grass.

Ahhhh!  It was her!  I should have stopped!  I wish I had.

lesson for the day: There are very few do-overs in this life.  If you feel a little tug on your heart, follow the lead.  Today it was an injured biker that was tugging on mine.  Who knows what may tug on our hearts tomorrow?  Live with no regrets.

2 thoughts on “lesson for the day

  1. That’s a hard one Sara. I know I have stopped before when I have SEEN people wipe out or fall but to see them on the ground and not know WHY they are there is what causes me to hesitate. I probably would have done the same thing. I love that you learned a lesson from this instead of beating yourself up for not stopping, which is what I would have done. I am drinking up your cup of half full sunshine!

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