back to school…happy new year

I will admit that I am one of those crazy fools that loves New Year’s Day and the opportunity of a fresh year ahead.  I write resolutions and plan and dream about all that I long to accomplish.  Along with the silly folks that wrote those new goals and objectives…I also quite often fail at completion.  I may include the nitty gritty norms of eating healthier and exercising more, but I may also add an academic challenge or something to enhance my relationships.  It is just such an exciting time for me!  The dark, cold days of February occurring simultaneous to my failed resolutions could be the culprit of my winter blues.  But just for a few days/weeks, I am inspired and ready to make changes!

So…..when late August arrives and it is “back to school time,”  I honestly get the same feeling of giddiness!  It is like a bonus New Year!  The summer is coming to a close and I can start fresh with new resolutions…or goals…or schedule changes to improve my quality of life.  These typically last longer than the January version and often take me right into the month of November when life gets frantic around the holidays.

Back to school season hits our home hard with two teachers and a student…but this “fresh start” feeling can be adapted to any household as the days become cooler and a bit shorter.  Use this time of year to reflect on the changes you wish to make at this change of season.  Here are my random thoughts to help get you started:

  1. pack a lunch every day
  2. write more letters
  3. 2 days cardio/2 days strength/1 day yoga
  4. complete a beth moore study
  5. master the skill of skyping my college girl
  6. learn at least one new recipe per month
  7. read a classic (i have chosen anna karenina)
  8. switch to an electronic calendar (a colleague taught me ical…see below!)
  9. invest in the lives of teenagers
  10. go to bed by 10

Good luck to you all!  Happy New Year!  Feel free to add any great resolution ideas in the comments below!  I would love to read your inspiring ideas.

3 thoughts on “back to school…happy new year

  1. I truly wish EVERYONE that worked for schools and districts felt the same way as you my dear. (Myself included!) The world would be a much happier place. 🙂

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