Whether you are three, thirteen, thirty, or 103…girlfriends are essential.

I am so blessed with such unique and special ladies in my life that I almost feel guilty.  There are moments when I fear that it could all be taken away from me because it is just too good to be true.

I have several clusters of friends that fill the little corners of my world and provide me with laughter and joy and support through the rough spots.  They seem to pop in with take-out when I least expect them and they are still hanging around on the days when I am buried beneath my covers.  The joy of great gal pals is being able to simply live life together.

From a previous post I mentioned the “tennis girls” who also happen to be the “book club girls”,  “bible study pals,” “chick flick dates,” and  “travel companions.”  These chicas are rock solid.  Living life together is what we do best.  They encourage me to be a better me….and yet they love me for just being the girl that I am.  The idle chit chat is minimal and we tend to jump into the real raw stuff that life is made of, baring some of our deep down uglies.  These are the girls that will laugh until tears…or nearly pee our panties….they are the ones that show up to cook mostaccioli for a crowd…or sit on a beach playing backgammon.  They are the ones I will grow old with.

And then I have the  “mothers”….these are the gals that are paddling in the same boat as me.  Their kiddos are friends of my kiddo and we are all on this new adventure of sending our “littles” out into the big wide world!  We meet often to commiserate and celebrate and try to figure it all out.  We question next steps and admit to failures and brag when we can.  They keep me grounded and encouraged so that I know that I am not alone.

Another great group is the “work girls.” Being in the world of education…amidst this long stretch of vacation, I have not seen much of them for the past 56 days.  Yet the bond stands strong.  We are united by a “vision statement” and a passion for making a difference in the life of a child.  These are the girlies that pick me up on the days when I can no longer wipe a nose, answer email or analyze test data.  They are the ones that start looking to the weekend on Wednesday afternoon.  They are the ones that bring me coffee for an early morning meeting. They make eye contact with me across a crowded hallway or staff meeting and know just what I am thinking.  They will keep me working until social security kicks in.

Guilty…blessed…loved.  Girlfiends are essential.

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