So often  our family gatherings are centered around an event or holiday or some other predetermined reason to get together. Don’t get me wrong….those are special times. But last night I got time with my sister’s family with no agenda other than to be together! It was so great! We sat on their deck as the kids hung out…we snapped silly photos….we all gathered in their kitchen around a delicious home-cooked meal…we splashed around in the hot tub with the kids and then enjoyed a little adult time discussing college memories and priorities and the transitions our kids are facing. What a beautiful night! I need savor these days and create more like them!

daughter…sweet boo…heading off to college this fall…bittersweet as she moves away from family and friends…ready for new beginnings…determined to make a difference

niece a…first year of high school coming up…living her faith…dancing through life

nephew j…turning 13 soon…only 7 months in the country…playing soccer…loving music…spreading joy

niece f…second year of middle school…full of fun and friendships…communicating through texts….designing fb photos

nephew e…heading to grade 1…all boy!….loving baseball, hockey and football…still cuddling and making us laugh

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