I am a sister to a sister and the mother of a daughter.  I did not have boys in my life until I started liking them in junior high.  I did not have a brother and I did not have a son.  I really do not even know what to do with boys.  I understand girls.  I can shop and go for coffee.  I can cuddle in at a sleepover and ask all of the right questions.  I can listen to the latest “break-up” story and offer my support and I can even assist with fashion and room decor questions.  But boys?  Strange territory for me.  And yet over the past 48 hours I have gotten some great moments stored up with some of my favorite boys!

My sweet hubby and I did a “drop in” on his best friend/brother, his wife and their two sons last night.  From the moment a we arrived, boy#1 held my attention.  “Look at these cool Halloween costumes” as we snuggled on the couch perusing the newest catalog…”check out my new racetrack”…”pleeeeeasssse come to my room”.  And then boy#2 joined in…with head butts and leaps from the couch, as he wrestled me to the floor.  Their adoration and attention and physical love filled me up!

But the boy lovin’ did not end there.  Today brought great times at the skate park, as I played tennis with the “tennis girls”  who also happen to be the “book club girls”,  “bible study pals”, “chick flick dates”, and  “travel companions.”  Their sons entertained me on scooters and skateboards, as they scooted and skated, seeking our attention each time they attempted a new jump or “wheelie”  or “heelie” or whatever they call ’em.

The fun continued in the pool this afternoon, as I attempted to shoot three pointers from the perimeter, “slickster and his sidekick” tried to block my shots.  The best part was that everytime mr. slick went up to the rim, his swim trunks sagged a bit further.  By my fifth shot or so, I was getting a full moon!  Hilarious!  We floated around and discussed the latest fashion for a young man the age of 11…hurley hats and beast jeans and osiris shoes.  Who knew?  I know scarves, Miss Me jeans and stillettos…so now I add something new to my repertoire of style.

My night ended with a phone call to my daughter’s cell, only to be picked up by her best buddy…a boy.  We chatted awhile about nothing and he called me “sophie”….my “going out” name that only the moms and their kiddos know!  He was taking care of my girl and having some fun hanging out.

Boys…they certainly add a little spark and energy to my world…I am sooooo glad to have them in it!

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