pajamas at six pm

Another wonderfully relaxing day…

Outdoor church this morning with great friends and baptisms and refugees…hiked through  the woods near Afton…listened to secrets and stories of a seventeen year old…read and relaxed on the beach of the St. Croix with my great friend and my sweet kiddo…enjoyed a family dinner of panfried walleye and wild rice…and then we put on our pajamas at six pm!  Ahhh!

3 thoughts on “pajamas at six pm

  1. okay, and don’t call me fast, but now I just realized you even linked me! You are the excellente! the sweetest!! and when I have a moment, I am going to email you some favorites you will LOVE.

    • Thanks for visiting my new attempt at a blog!!! You have inspired me with your creative views on style…thought I would give this a try. Looking forward to your list of favorites!!!

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