family weddings

There is really something magical about attending a family wedding. Last night I joined family, friends and strangers to attend a second cousin’s daughter’s wedding…what a blast! It gave me an opportunity to dig out a swirly dress, some strappy sandals and my little black clutch. I chatted with family and made “six degrees of separation” connections with guests. The fathers of both the bride and groom gave heart-felt speeches. The grandparents danced with the kids, the cousins danced with brothers and sisters, the mother of the bride led a “conga line” through the group with her best girlfriends, and the entire dance floor worked the electric slide. There was a father/daughter dance where my sweet hubby and our seventeen year old joined the other couples to the tune of “Somewhere under the Rainbow.” The newlyweds radiated love.  Love was in the air.  My heart filled to the brim.  Simply magical.

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