memorable moment!

In my quest to look at life “half-full” allow me to share last night’s event….

A “half-empty” person may have complained, caused a scene, called the local health/safety board.  Not me!  I screamed at first and then laughed out loud!  🙂

My sweet hubby and I had joined great friends for drinks and dessert at a swanky little restaurant with a quaint outdoor patio.  It is the kind of patio with 8-10 little round tables, a few high tops, tucked in along the woods, with colorful lights zigzagged overhead.  We were enjoying our drinks..the boys were even drinking island-style cocktails…savoring big, moist slices of carrot cake…when we first saw movement!  A sneaky little critter snuck down the retaining wall and began zipping around under our table.  Stuart Little!  A mouse!  We screamed (girls only) and grabbed up our purses and our feet from the ground.  He (or she) continued to amuse us by frequent appearances…in and out of a hole…around and under our table…across the patio and back!  We shared tales of mice and frogs and rabbits from our past.  We giggled and screamed and giggled some more.

It was a great night!  Memorable!  We will always remember this adventure…this shared moment.

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