dinner and so much more…

We ate dinner at Dixie’s on Grand tonight…mixed greens with coconut shrimp, avocado, pineapple…yum!  It has been a summer of delicious food for me.  When summer vacation began, I was determined to make the most of my days off and record at least one fabulous food per day.  It has been a journey!  I am happy at home with my coffee and oatmeal, peanut butter on rye toast or a tuna melt with chips.  Yet I LOVE to go out to eat and try new things.  I have a few tried and true places that we hit regularly and some new spots we have checked out…here is one of my favs for breakfast and lunch on a work day…

Swede Hollow Cafe…cinnamon rolls like grandma makes…fresh homemade  bready rolls with a creamy, sugary glaze.  I often sit for breakfast and then take a piece of rich and cheesy potato cheddar pie “to go” for lunch.  My other favorite item is their toasted three cheese sandwich with Cheddar, Swiss, and smoked Provolone toasted with tomato.  I feel just like a schoolgirl digging into that classic!

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